Organisms funk-indie single ‘Games Non People Play’ sets stage for ‘Mollusk’ album

Promoted by Tontena Music (an organisation who are passionate about new music), Organisms are band with an unusual approach to music. Writing by ‘feel’ rather than technical knowhow, it seems that their results are almost instinctive, making for a compelling listen (and watch) on new video ‘Games Non People Play’.

The single, with it’s silky riffs and lofi production, is simple but effective in its execution. And there’s more to come too…

Album ‘Mollusk’ will contain this track and more. Get involved when it’s made available this July.


New funk pop from Magazine Gap – ‘Calling Card’ EP and video

Having already picked up plenty of acclaim for debut album ‘Light & Shade’, Magazine Gap have returned in late 2016 in a big way thanks to a string of excellent funk singles leading up to new EP ‘Calling Card’.


The latest single, the title track from the EP, is a typically catchy track from the London trio, pulling together a number of genres to create a sound of their own. You can find the EP now on iTunes.

Luke Potter – new single ‘Something More’

Four years into a song-writing career which is seeing him turn many influential heads (Radio 2, Record of the Day), Luke Potter is all set to be one of those long-grafting ‘overnight successes’ in 2017.

With a smooth vocal style and lyrics that genuinely make you think, ‘Something More’ is a single about taking opportunities. And it might just be the start of an opportunity for a talented young man to catapult himself into the ears of a whole new raft of fans.

‘Something More’ is out now on iTunes.

Max Restaino – new pop artist with solo single and album out now

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Olly Murs was a talented, independent song writer who was able to write, perform and produce his own top quality brand of pop music? If so, you might have found your answer in Max Restaino.

Restaino, who happens to have worked with Murs as a session musician, is a talented multi-instrumentalist in his own right whose musical sensibilities share the light-hearted pop feel of the X Factor finalist’s early releases. Catchy, fun and well produced, his latest single ‘No’ is a solid taste of what you can expect from the rest of the album – out now.

‘All The Same’ single out now – Luke Potter

Out now on iTunes, ‘All the Same’ is the classy new single from the promising Luke Potter. Potter is already pulling in good YouTube numbers and getting strong notices from well known online music sites, and with singles like this it’s not hard to see why.

Brilliantly infectious from the very first listen, ‘All the Same’ is as catchy as good pop music needs to be. However, there’s also a lyrical depth here which makes for a very good combination. I’m not sure when the next release is on the way, but following up this single is going to be a tough one.

Rachel Johnson – ‘Safe Island’ single out now

If there is one city in the UK I wish I could spend more time in when it comes to music, it would probably be Edinburgh (note: I live in London). A vibrant music scene and a selection of top, intimate venues make it a must visit for independent music fans – and now there’s another reason to make that journey across Hadrian’s Wall.

Rachel Johnson’s new single ‘Safe Island’ is out now on iTunes, and marks the arrival of yet another talented artist from within the Edinburgh city walls. And, even better, there are gigs in the pipeline to promote the single and her previous releases. Head over to for the lowdown.

Belgian producer thinking big for new single

Already renowned in his native Belgium, Francis Groove is an artist and producer with potential to make real waves in the pop music industry. Debut single ‘Alright (Take My Hand)’ was a fine opening gambit in his assault on the industry, and new a new ‘Groove @Night Remix’ of the song has given it even more juice.

The lyric video is above, featuring the fantastically smooth vocal of Tony G – another artist looking to establish himself. If the pair of them keep releasing quality songs like this one, it won’t be long.

The ‘Alright (Take My Hand)’ remix (and the original) is out now on iTunes.

New video – EP title track ‘Take Back the Power’ by Naomi

If an independent artist can strike a chord with national press at both ends of the spectrum, then it’s fair to say they have the talent to capture the imagination. Naomi, a 19 year old UK songwriter, seems able to do just that.

Recommended by the likes of The Guardian and Independent as well as magazines such as Shout and Mizz, Naomi is releasing her new EP ‘Take Back the Power’ on April 22nd. The title track is above, and shows just what she is capable of – pop melodies, infectious choruses and a smooth vocals are the order of the day, and mark out Naomi as one to watch closely.

Blues-rock-punk track out now from Strangers Know More – ‘Shoot the Witness’

Having made and played music for over thirty years apiece, the three members of Strangers Know More certainly know their way around their instruments. Sam Burnett, Chris Ames and Stuart Mizon have been playing since the late seventies, and have put their collective talents together in recent years to create their own punky-blues brand of rock under the banner of Strangers Know More.

With new material on the way very soon, the band have decided to stream a track off their last album to drum up support and hopefully win a few new fans. And in ‘Shoot The Witness’ they have picked a very good introduction.

Marshalled by a rollicking drums and bass guitar combo, Chris Ames’ vocal and some fine guitar work get to do their thing over the top. And in spite of its raw energy this is well structured and well thought out to ebb and flow in all the right ways.

Naomi: EP ‘Take Back the Power’, coming April 22nd

Young UK songwriter Naomi, whose single ‘Rivers Run’ can be found above, has huge potential. In fact, she has the potential to be the most important British pop export since Adele. If you don’t believe me, check out her track record so far.

While doing her GCSEs, Naomi wrote a solo song which was so widely acclaimed that she was invited to perform it on national TV. This performance in turn brought her to the attention of a number of big hitters in the music industry. It wasn’t long before a number of top producers were helping to shape Naomi’s fresh take on the pop genre.

Now, only a couple of years later (Naomi is 19), she is ready for an EP release which could well see her fight her way into the very top echelons of the UK music scene. It was at this age of course that Adele was responsible for her first album, and Naomi’s grown up pop sound is not dissimilar in approach.

The ‘Take Back the Power’ EP is due on April 22nd, and if you enjoy the song above then it’s fair to say it comes highly recommended.