New funk pop from Magazine Gap – ‘Calling Card’ EP and video

Having already picked up plenty of acclaim for debut album ‘Light & Shade’, Magazine Gap have returned in late 2016 in a big way thanks to a string of excellent funk singles leading up to new EP ‘Calling Card’.


The latest single, the title track from the EP, is a typically catchy track from the London trio, pulling together a number of genres to create a sound of their own. You can find the EP now on iTunes.


Dale McKay bends genre with new pop track ‘Make You Happy’

Although simple in concept and hugely infectious on first listen, Dale McKay’s new track ‘Make You Happy’ offers an excellent example of how good independent pop music can be moulded to fit other genres. Perhaps the main driver here is McKay’s voice, which holds more quality and soul than 99% of independent artists on the circuit right now.

This soulful element has, as a result, been enveloped into the style, with a touch of funk and roots to help it flourish. Think James Morrison but a smoother tone (and a lot less gravel) and you can’t go far wrong. All of which bodes very well for McKay’s new EP – ‘Here and Now’ which is on it’s way on September 16th. Exciting times.

New music from Jerry Lawson – ‘Just A Mortal Man’ album out now

Yesterday saw something of a momentus occasion in a music career that has spanned over four decades, but one which may have slipped the attention of the mainstream press. More fool them.

Releasing his first debut album at the age of 71, Jerry Lawson has had 40+years at the top of the soul music industry as founder of The Persuasions and latterly joining up with Talk of the Town. Both vocal groups saw him perform the world over, and alongside names such as Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell (get well soon), Chuck Berry, Rod Stewart and more.

Now he’s back, minus his bandmates, with yet another release which sees him reach at least 22 album releases over the course of his career. However, this is the first solo effort, and a fitting celebration of a voice that shows no signs of slowing down.