Month: June 2017

Stash Peso gets industry backing on new rap EP ‘Shine’

It’s always a great sign for an independent artist when an established industry name agrees to work with them. It shows that someone who has been there and done it trusts the talent of the new contender.

Step forward Stash Peso, whose new EP ‘Shine’ was mixed by Dave Pemberton of Prodigy fame. The result is a collection of effective tracks with a real buzz about them – with new single ‘Glow’ and excellent example.

If you like what you’re hearing you can find the EP on iTunes, and search StashPeso on all the social medias.


Organisms funk-indie single ‘Games Non People Play’ sets stage for ‘Mollusk’ album

Promoted by Tontena Music (an organisation who are passionate about new music), Organisms are band with an unusual approach to music. Writing by ‘feel’ rather than technical knowhow, it seems that their results are almost instinctive, making for a compelling listen (and watch) on new video ‘Games Non People Play’.

The single, with it’s silky riffs and lofi production, is simple but effective in its execution. And there’s more to come too…

Album ‘Mollusk’ will contain this track and more. Get involved when it’s made available this July.