‘Songs from NowHere’ EP – Joe Rhinewine

A debut EP from a new artist is always something to be excited about, because it has the potential to bring something fresh and new to our ears. ‘Songs from NowHere’, the new EP from Joe Rhinewine, certainly reaches this goal – and more.

Playing with genre stereotypes, the EP sits mainly in the rootsy blues rock mode, telling tall tales along to some lilting chord patterns and fine guitar work. However, the humour added to the tales, plus the range of subjects covered makes for a wide ranging lyrical approach which constantly keeps you guessing.

Want a spiritual walk through a few of the peaceful tenets of Buddhism. Sorted. Want a fluffy, fun track about making sure you’re putting things in boxes in a tidy fashion, then…well…that’s here too.

Head over to Amazon to check out the full EP, particularly if you like what you’ve heard above.


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