Naomi: EP ‘Take Back the Power’, coming April 22nd

Young UK songwriter Naomi, whose single ‘Rivers Run’ can be found above, has huge potential. In fact, she has the potential to be the most important British pop export since Adele. If you don’t believe me, check out her track record so far.

While doing her GCSEs, Naomi wrote a solo song which was so widely acclaimed that she was invited to perform it on national TV. This performance in turn brought her to the attention of a number of big hitters in the music industry. It wasn’t long before a number of top producers were helping to shape Naomi’s fresh take on the pop genre.

Now, only a couple of years later (Naomi is 19), she is ready for an EP release which could well see her fight her way into the very top echelons of the UK music scene. It was at this age of course that Adele was responsible for her first album, and Naomi’s grown up pop sound is not dissimilar in approach.

The ‘Take Back the Power’ EP is due on April 22nd, and if you enjoy the song above then it’s fair to say it comes highly recommended.


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