New EP from Flaming June – ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’

Not to be confused with Will Smith movie ‘In Pursuit of Happyness’, Flaming June’s 8th EP ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’ is out now. The EP, which retains much of the folk edge of Flaming June’s previous releases, shows perhaps a lighter side of songwriter Louise Eatock – more hopeful and playful than other releases which have shown a watchful wariness.

Here though, tracks like ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’ and ‘Dopamine Oxytocin’ show a songwriter who is enjoying her writing and hoping for a bright future. Even in the more cautionary tale of ‘Freedom’s Fairytale for Girls’, Eatock plays with fairy tale tropes to great effect, and although the message is somewhat cautionary, it feels like it was a fun song to write with its references and reminders of old folk tales.


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