The Rebel Scientist rocks up pop with ‘Never Stop Waiting For You’ EP

A brand new EP which brings some rocking guitar riffs and blends them with the pop genre, ‘Never Stop Waiting For You’ is a solo effort from songwriter, session guitarist and producer The Rebel Scientist. A musician who has hit many highs and lows trying to ‘make it’ in the music industry, he has been a great success in one sense – being chosen by some of this generation’s greatest pop acts to tour the world with them thanks to his stellar guitar work.

‘Never Stop Waiting For You’ however is his first solo EP, which both marks a first foray into taking the spotlight, and also highlights the fact that music is clearly his true passion and calling in life. With over 200 shows per year under his belt for the last few years, plus two books out on guitar tuition, the 10,000 hour rule is in this case far into the distant past.

That level of experience makes this EP a real joy. Knowing where it comes from allows you to enjoy it’s genre blend and its diversity – it’s come from someone who has made their mark on the industry, and could yet do the same with their own compositions.

EP on iTunes and Spotify


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