Monthly release number 19 – Prints Jackson, ‘Wisdom of Crowds’

In March of last year, songwriter and composer Prints Jackson made a bold claim. He said he was going to release ‘One song every month until the day I die’. And now, 19 months later, his promise has held true thus far.

His latest song, ‘Wisdom of Crowds’, is a pacy, punky track with a fuzzyness to the production which fits perfectly the proto-Razorlight/Strokes style that this slips nicely into. It’s accompanied by a video which also perfectly fits that production style – editing together a host of Bollywood clips which seem to fit perfectly with the music without having anything to do with it on the surface level.

Lyrically, it’s an exploration of how more and more people are finding their voice when it comes to the unsatisfactory side of life. Painting it as a force for good, ‘Widsom of Crowds’ is ultimately about democratisation and the benefits thereof. But the best thing of all is the upbeat, bopping indie the message comes wrapped in.


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