New EP – Chris Hornsby, ‘Human, Too Human’

A London singer songwriter who proudly writes, records and produces all his own work, Chris Hornsby is a folk based artist whose new EP ‘Human, Too Human’ is released later this month on May 22nd. The five tracks have been built from scratch, based around Hornsby’s most popular tracks when playing live and acoustic. Those songs, which have already gone some way to give Hornsby something of a live foothold, have here been fleshed out with new layers and further ideas.

It helps of course that Hornsby, in addition to acoustic guitar and vocals, is able to play a number of instruments. In fact, a total of 15 were used on this EP all played by the man himself.

The wide range of instruments, some more familiar than others, have allowed Hornsby to really express himself and make the songs sound just how he wanted. His independent recording techniques also allowed him to produce a ‘live’ feel to proceedings, each instrument recorded with live mics and the minimum of fuss or fiddling.

The result is a very good, fun EP. And all the more impressive once you know how it was made.



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