The Lowriders follow excellent 2014 EP with excellent 2015 LP

It’s been almost a year since we last featured up and coming band The Lowriders, at the time giving a positive look at their 2014 EP (and movie soundtrack) ‘I Am Soldier’. Now, with a brand new self-titled album (and some of the same very good tracks), they’re back.

In the absence of any other publically streaming tracks from the album available as yet, we’re reposting the same track as last time, which is included on the album as well. We have however heard a stream of the full album and can confirm that it is indeed a very strong offering from a fantastic British indie rock band.

In our previous feature on the band we said: “a recognisably British, unpretentious hit of 21st Century Rock’n’Roll, bearing comparisons to acts as diverse as Kasabian, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Who.”

And, at the risk of being called lazy, the very same can be said of this full album, only over the space of a full length release, which is worth of high praise.



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