J.R. Holmes ‘The Truth’

With a sound reminiscent of Lelo Thomas mixed with the newstyle freshness of The Weeknd, JR is ready to represent for the new school of R&B vocalists. Jamaal Holmes also know as the artist J.R. was born March 14th 1983. Born into a musical family, JR is a talented pianist since the age of 7, saxophonist from the age of 10 and flutist from the age of 16.

Music has always been an important part of his life. He studied Jazz theory at North Carolina Central University. Growing up in a religious family, his exposure to the Church choir developed his love for singing. He was a member of the Chamber Choir in High School and on the collegiate level as well as singing lead in a cover band. These experiences helped to season J.R. and contributed to his emergence as not just a talented singer but also a talented writer and producer.

The second single released off the ‘Hold On’ EP is ‘The Truth’ which you can listen to above. You can also grab it from iTunes now.


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