Mollie Marriott – ‘Transformer’ single precedes spring album

Already a darling of the UK music industry after some sterling work alongside some of the top names in the business (Paul Weller, Ronnie Wood, Kenny Jones, Mark Knofler and the Gallagher Brothers are among those she’s toured and performed with), Mollie Marriott is set to make 2015 her own break out year.

Daughter of songwriting legend Steve Marriott (Small Faces) and step daughter to Joe Brown, Marriott is no stranger to the environment she now finds herself in. It begs the question – why has it taken so long?

Still, better late than never, and the track above is as strong a start as you can expect. ‘Transformer’ is a powerful pop ballad, minus the cheese that phrase might conjure in your mind, which is a promising start to this fresh new career. It does exactly what a leading single should do – whets the appetite for the album that will follow in the spring.

And, for those who have started reading this without pressing play on the video, it may tempt you further to know that – not only is the song a cracker – but it has one of Britain’s most recogniseable faces in there too. Enjoy!



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