Slim Twig – ‘All This Wanting’, taken from ‘A Hound on the Hem’ album out soon

Slim Twig is the name of a man, not of a band – though he has performed in many a group, some under his own moniker. Boasting a catalogue several under-the-radar releases deep, the Toronto native lays claim to a tremendously original work with his orchestrally-inflected, art rock album, A Hound At The Hem.

Originally released on vinyl in an extremely limited run via Twig’s own Calico Corp label and Pleasence Records, DFA will give A Hound At The Hem its proper release on December 1st. Self-produced in fall 2010, A Hound At The Hem is a suite of narrative songs thematically inspired by Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. As a concept album exploring the troubling and the taboo and themes like the transformative power of lust, A Hound At The Hem can be interpreted as an echolike response to Serge Gainsbourg and Jean-Claude Vannier’s Histoire De Melody Nelson. Most of all, A Hound At The Hem poses the question; where next for Slim Twig, this promising and original auteur? DFA is privileged to reissue this album in advance of the release of Twig’s newest works.


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