Single review – Shadowqueen – ‘Burning’

Based in Australia and bringing to these shores a brand of heavy rock that’s on the tuneful side of metal, Shadowqueen are clearly a band that knows how to make an impact. The opening barrage of drums and guitar though soon settles, and in its place is a very nicely constructed verse/chorus setup with a couple of surprises in for good measure.

The verse, based around a looped descending bass and guitar sequence, builds to a shattering chorus where the excellent female vocal lets loose. Later, a ‘Middle Eight’ gives the drums and guitar chances to shine with solos before seamlessly slipping back into the verse pattern, and a quieter section that nicely builds to a crescendo conclusion.

This is really fine work, and if it’s an indication of things to come, then Shadowqueen are more than welcome on these shores whenever they’re ready with more.


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