Mountainear – Distant Camps

Early 2014, three-piece Mountainear released their first ever track Down The Line as a free download. The track was soon picked up by blogs who described their sound as “the twinkliest dream-pop you’ll hear all year” – Sound of Confusion  and “simplistic and sonically rich” – Spindle magazine. 

Mountainear are made up of three drummers with a passion for percussion. Their sound often evolves from a basic rhythm into textures and layers created from their extensive range of rare vintage instruments, including Japanese Taiko drums, Tibetan Temple bowls and Egyptian tambourines. Interwoven with the sounds of a Grand Piano, Upright jazz bass, synthesisers, vibraphone and the close harmony vocals. 

Mountainear are Becky Browne (lead vocals and drums), Louise Morgan (Vibraphone and backing vocals) and Zands Duggan (Drum kit, hand percussion and backing vocals). After working individually as session musicians in various guises (including work as far ranging as with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to Lady Gaga), the three London-based friends decided to start their own project to explore and project their own musical voice. 

‘Distant Camps’ is Mountainear’s debut single, released on 14th July via Cocktail Music / Believe Digitial.


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